Supporting IT

We have extensive IT expertise and can offer customised solutions for any number of different projects such as:

  • Complete Business Solutions
  • Process Reengineering (for operative and business processes)
  • Portals
  • Solution Integration
  • ERP Implementation (SAP)
  • Application and Component Development
  • Process Automation
  • Production Monitoring Information Systems
  • Artificial Vision Systems
  • Maintenance Management Systems

Each individual project is managed by the core business and is delivered through the creation of a multidisciplinary team of professionals. Each has targeted skill sets to implement the solution tailored to the requirement of the client. All solutions comply with any and all industry-specific requirements across any geographic market in which we operate.

These multidisciplinary teams can be made up of:

  • Industry and Business Strategy Consultants
  • Functional Analysts
  • Process Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Developers, Implementers and Testers
  • Maintenance Teams

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