Legal Services

Today’s successful startup companies are a very different breed to that which were around twenty, and even ten years ago. Gone are the old school ways, often associated with legal or financial type markets and now we see much more fluid, dynamic operators able to adhere and adapt much quicker and easier to changing economic and market conditions than predecessors were. Today’s startup needs a legal service who understands the latest trends and needs associated with the markets.

We are able to assist you with your startup legal requirements and can spot issues before they become seemingly insurmountable problems to your business progression. Every new business needs this solid legal foundation and we can provide that whilst minimizing the associated financial exposure to your business.

We achieve that minimized financial exposure for you by ensuring that our fees are fixed at the outset of our partnership. You will see no variable charges on hourly rates, you will only see a simple, clear fee with which you can accurately feed into your financial plans. We do not charge for preliminary or catch up meetings and you will always be provided with a clear scope of work before commencement of any services, this ensures everybody knows what is expected.

You will receive a highly personalised service as we want to become your most trusted business advisors.

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